Sometimes I get into moods where for once in my life, I’m okay with opening up. I’m okay with telling something or someone how I feel without the need of a response, I’m in that mood now.

A lot of people like to question why is is people get so obsessed with tv shows- so obsessed to the point where you feel like it’s there life.

To some people, it really is.

I’m living proof that it gets better because of this show. I am a better person, a stronger human, a smarter mind, and a kinder soul.

When we obsess with things, it’s because we see ourselves in them- an outlet of our emotions that don’t have to come directly out of our mouths.

I sit here, day after day, saying how I feel about these characters and about these episodes and scenes because part of me is in them, all six of these people have a little bit of me. Some more than others, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make up one whole mess of a positive human being.

Bones to me is happiness. The sound of the theme song every episode get’s me excited for the next 43 minutes of my life. I get excited because somewhere in that 43 minutes, I can find myself, even if for a second. I can settle down in my life and see that I’m not alone, that my convictions are okay, that my opinions are valid, that how I want to live my life is a goal I can reach.

Being alive is easy, find a way to live is hard. Finding your way through life is hard. Sometimes even waking up in the morning is hard. This show makes me feel like I can find a way to live and thrive.

Because of this show, I have made life long friends. I have beat an awful struggle with self harm, and I continue to fight depression. I love this show because it gives me ambition, it gives me love when I feel like I don’t have it. It gives me everything in this world I feel I’m lacking.

But most importantly, above everything, it gives me hope. It makes me cherish every second of my life and what I have. It makes me not want to dwell on things I’ve been through and focus on things I’m going to do. It makes my life so much more vibrant than I could have possibly imagined.

And I’m so happy that I have people around me who understand that. Who understand why I got the Jeffersonian logo tattooed, who understand why I will never stop loving this show, and who understand why I will defend it until the bitter fucking end of my life.

My life is a beautiful thing, and if not for this show, I wouldn’t even be alive.

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